17 April 2014

Masterboard Madness....

... over on the PaperArtsy blog tonight with the second part of the masterboard project.  You can see it here

Over the next few days I'll be blogging some other smaller ideas using the remaining bits of the masterboard...


16 April 2014

The (long awaited) return of Mad Men....

... those New York media creatives with (very) complicated personal and business lives..

I love this show - even though the fashion both in clothes and interiors has moved out of the original setting of the 50s (my original reason for watching the show)...
Welcome back Mr Draper, Ms Olsen - we've missed you - its been too long

Mad Men is on Sky Atlantic, tonight, 10pm.... 

We'd better make the most of it - this is the final series, extended to 14 episodes with a break in the middle (why??) & so ends in 2015!!!
well, as they say- all good things must come to an end.

15 April 2014

Oops... I created, I photographed...

... I delivered to the relevant lovely ladies ... but I forgot to blog these Mothers' Day cards!!  So here they are, better late than never..

I created these cards with JOFY stencil PS007, JOFY Limited Edition paints - Dusty Teal & Chalk, and stamp sets JOFY13, 23, 24.

Give me some kraft card, stencils, fresco paints & stamps and I'm a happy little crafter! 


14 April 2014

Oooh didn't I have a lovely time....

... the day I went to London...

I worked in London for 10 years & really enjoyed it, but when I worked there I don't think I really appreciated what a great city London. Now when I go into town for pleasure rather than work its really nice... I have time to look around rather than rush from train to work, work to train & home.

I have a routine when I go to hospital appointments in Holborn (an area where I used to work) & do things so that the day isn't just about going to the hospital - it generally goes like this: I go to the hospital, then I pop to Blade Rubber Stamps which is a great rubber stamp shop very close by (the only one of its kind in London)... sometimes I pop into Cornelissens (http://www.cornelissen.com):
(photo: cornelissen)
in Gt Russell St - its an amazing traditional art shop - all wood shelves and bottles - like stepping back in time... its just along from the British Museum where I've been know to go into too - amazing collection of artifacts (lets not think too hard about how we came by them and whether or not they should be returned to their rightful owners...) .... Holborn/Bloomsbury is such an interesting area, lots of places to see and well connected to the rest of London.

During my last visit to London I had to go further West up to Bond St - I like travelling around London on the bus if I have time - more interesting than the tube/underground as there's lots to see and it seems to change such a lot... but this stands firm:

This is Selfridges (located towards the Marble Arch end of Oxford St) (ok, I know its not the best photo but it was drizzling and I had to be quick).  I wanted to take a photograph as I plan to use it on a scrapbook page because I'm currently reading the biography of Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridges... and here he is- the real Mr Selfridge...
The book (Shopping, Seduction, and Mr Selfridge by Lindy Woodhead) is fascinating - not just about the man (who died penniless, which I found quite sad & shocking) but about shopping in general at the time (early 20thC) - so many changes that were his doing (most of which we take for granted now).
Well worth a read.

I wandered down Bond St/Old Bond St - very posh with shops with doormen that 'buzz' you in - to Piccadilly - & look at Fortnum & Mason!! Most shops just put up sheeting when they're having work done - but not Fortnums who covered themselves in this:

 ... how cool is that!! ... got to love Fortnums!

I find being in London really inspiring, my next planned visit is in July - hopefully the weather will be better.

So, that was my little day out - I had thought of going to the theatre but couldn't decide what to see.. (too much amazing choice!)


13 April 2014

Hello... *taps on screen*... helllooooo..

.. is anyone here??
I hope so!
Its been a while since I blogged - blame:
* our builders (electric on, electric off, electric on...),
* the freezing temperature of my workroom - again, blame the builders - they took out a window and the ceiling below the workroom which meant freezing wind - freezing I promise you! - came up through the exposed floorboards... I stood in my workroom wearing snowboots, a scarf and several sweaters!! oh because I forgot to mention that they took out the boiler too... no heating... bbbbrrrrrrr... but don't feel too sorry for me (please tell me you were starting to feel sorry for me...) the house is now nice and toasty, the windows have been replaced & this is all because we're having new kitchen fitted - so it was all in a good cause :o)...
The other reason for lack of blogging is that I haven't been arty/crafty recently because I can't be- I'm recovering from quite a big operation (though I have to say - keyhole surgery is amazing!!) - I'm under strict(ish) orders not to do too much... which is trickier than you'd think ;o/ even sitting at the computer can become uncomfortable...

So blog posts at the moment will be a few catch ups - general randomness - news of new classes etc etc etc.... lets start with a catch up:

March was a busy month - biggest event of the month was my Parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary & we had a bit of a 'do'..

Here's the card I made for them - using colours they had for their wedding .

 Love making these pop-up dimensional cards but don't like photographing them - sooooo tricky! lol

Die cutting, stamping & lovehearts... oh my!


20 March 2014

Spring has sprung....

.... over on the PaperArtsy blog where my project this month is a lovely floral masterboard to welcome in Spring...


17 March 2014

A Dabble Day.....

... is right up my street - a little bit of this & that... and resulted in a fun, busy, inky, painty card making day at Birds in the Barn on Saturday..

I like making cards that have movement or texture so to start the day we made this, & I also created a hand-out (due to lots of measurements) as something for everyone to refer to...

It looks like this:

 ... and when you pull the ribbon... this is revealed:
Painted with Distress Inks it has a lovely fresh feel.

Card on right created using Dusty Teal & JOFY stamps to paint a bespoke background paper that co-ordinates with one of the JOFY mini 'mesh' stamps.. I love this card - lots of my favourite 'go-to' elements - tags, buttons, stamps, scallops, wood flowers and resin flowers.

This card combines new JOFY stencil with recent stamp releases...

...and every now and then its nice to have a bit of glamour on a card! and I think my little birdy deserves a golden cage:

.. the cage's golden effect is created with variagated gilding flakes (adhered with Stamp & Bond) - a very special cage :o)

A really fun day.  I'm back at Birds in the Barn on June 1st - looking forward to it...


14 March 2014

Oh the 'treasures' that are rediscovered...

... when my studio gets a massive clean-up/clear-up....

Finding a place for everything and putting everything back in its place - very cathartic.. and while doing that (which took a quite a while!) I found rediscovered this little 'treasure':

Its a little book of music (10x14cm) - wonderfully aged around the edges - I think I bought it in Prague??  and the pages would be the perfect backgrounds for my stamps when making cards - which I have to do a lot in March - 2 x parents wedding anniversaries, 2 x sister-in-laws birthdays, Mum's birthday, 2 x Mothers' Day... & several friends' birthdays! thats a lot of cards to be made in 1 month (for me anyway lol)...

Sometimes I like to make cards in batches and here's a small batch that I made with the book pages and images from the latest JOFY stamp plates (& an old favourite): plates I've used are JOFY24, JM33 & JOFY12:

I LOVE how these turned out - stamping, using printed papers, JOFY Limited Edition Fresco Finish, & a bit of sewing... happy happy happy


13 March 2014

Happy Birthday...

.... to my Mum - here's the card I made for her... I cardcan't tell you how long it took (looooong time) or how many variations it went through (many, many - brown card base, white card base, with/without the chipboard ring, square & rectangular!) lol

aaaanyhoo - she liked it - & that's what matters.


9 March 2014

Stamping, stamping and more stamping...

... was the plan at The Craft Barn today.. we stamped, painted, stamped, embossed, & stamped some more..

Thanks to the customers who came to the class - look forward to see you again soon!  Have fun with your purchases!

Thank you for all the comments you leave on the blog - it is very much appreciated!
In order to deter peskie spammers I 'approve' comments before they are published on the blog - so if your comment doesn't appear immediately don't panic! It can take a little while before I'm back at the computer to do the behind the scenes 'administration'.  :o)