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20 August 2014

The same, but different...

... and by different I mean better... nicer... more enjoyable...

On saturday I packed my bag.. or the (smallish) suitcase that was needed because I decided it was easier to pull rather than carry a bag containing 21 stamp sets and misc' other bits & pieces... (you know- those things that you pack 'just in case')

(& yes I realise this is quite a plain suitcase, no artistic embellishment -  this is because my husband also uses it for business trips! when I find the photo (or suitcase) I'll show you how I customised my large suitcase)

.... and boarded the train to London to go work... I used to do this all the time - 10plus years commuting to London doing jobs I mostly enjoyed (I say 'mostly' as the year spent in a merchant bank was NOT my cup of tea at all lol).. so the journey/commute to London is all very familiar - but the job is much more enjoyable... and the weekend commuters are slightly more relaxed.. ;o)

I spent the day running a workshop at Blade Rubber Stamps, situated near the British Museum, in the Bloomsbury area of London. They have an amazing selection of rubber stamps - especially wood mounted - its lovely to see them all lined up on the shelves, like little pieces of art (which I suppose they are really aren't they).
I visit this shop quite regularly as its close to the hospital I visit once a year - its my 'treat' after the visit (any excuse really!)..and so it was a pleasure to be teaching a workshop here.

The class was an newly updated version of my recent 'Book of Blooms' project (using new stamps and paints) - and this is the creative bombsite of a table - creativity in full flow.... so many stamps and paints to choose from...

and here are the lovely ladies responsible for that creativity with their projects... a pleasure to teach them....

.... and to create 'aprons' for 2 of them to protect their clothes from paint and creativity! lol  I thought it was a resourceful use of bin bags! :o)

This was a much nicer working day than my previous 9-5 - though maybe not as clean an tidy.. :o)

Thanks to the ladies for coming along, and to Deidre and staff at Blade Rubber... Hope to see you again soon


17 August 2014

Christmas is coming....

... and so I'd thought I'd show couple of cards made with my new stamps which include 2 plates of christmas designs that should be at your local PaperArtsy stockist now.. (along with new paints, and 2 more flower plates)...

Love this pink version of the card top right - Picked Rasberry Distress Ink

That's enough festivity for now... more information about new stamps will follow soon ;o)


5 August 2014

The demo desk from both sides...

Last weekend was a fun one!

On Saturday I was at The Craft Barn where I had the first chance to demo my NEW stamps!! yes, new stamps.  
Its always a lot of fun to demo new products - but I'm not sure customers on Saturday were ready to contemplate Christmas - I think we're all enjoying the gorgeous weather we have here in the UK at the moment to think about Christmas just yet... and so I found myself demo'ing the flower stamps and stencils. When I demo the samples are along the 'less is more' 'clean & simple' lines because I want the stamp designs to be the focus..
(& look at the amount of YELLOW I've used on these cards - I am embracing yellow!!)
One of the new plates has a design created to be stamped over the top of the my flower stencils as shown below (and also doubles as a lovely fragile snowflake...):

I also created a couple of christmas cards.. but I'll show you those later in the week.. easing you into the festive seasons gently..

You will start to see the new stamps arriving at your local PaperArtsy stockist but they're not 'officially' released until later this month....oooh and paint - lets not forget the paint!! (more about that later in the week too...)

On Sunday I dosed myself up against a thumping migraine/sinus headache and went to Stamperama in Stevenage.. and I'm so glad I did - I had a really good time..
Much as I love demonstrating and teaching it was nice to be on the 'other side' of the demo desk.  I was able to walk around the show, see what was new, chat to the crafty people I know that were there, watch demos (love watching demos!) and SHOP!!  :o)
Its been a while since I've been to Stamperama and I forget how easy it is to get to and what a nice show it is - not too big and all the stands are craft specific... smaller than in previous years but still worth the visit.


29 July 2014

Bunting, bunting & ....

...  lots of cards were created at the Stamp Attic this weekend by 2 groups of lovely ladies... here are the bunting ladies (without Fiona who left before the photo call) (so busy creating on saturday I didn't get a chance to round them all up and take any photos! lol)

Lovely to see the different colour variations that were created...  I love that aspect of teaching classes.

I couldn't resist this pack of MyMindsEye paper - love the grey/blue/mustard colour scheme

Came home, and had a quick wander around the garden to find that the honeysuckle had, at last, started to flower - how lovely are these delicate blooms:

It was fun weekend - lots of laughs and creativity - looking forward to returning in September..


25 July 2014

What nicer way to spend a day...

... than to make a line of bunting...

which is what we'll be doing in the class I'm teaching at The Stamp Attic on Sunday ... stamping, painting, & stenciling to create a line of mdf bunting...  there's still time to book your place - contact the shop and come and join the fun.


21 July 2014

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

...oh I do like to be beside the seeeeeeaaaaaaa...  the sea in question this weekend was Deal in Kent where I had a fun day teaching a workshop at the Swanstitch shop....

... to a lovely group of ladies- Anita and her customers made me welcome and we spent the day creating a canvas and a couple of cards...

We laughed, painted, stamped, glued, sang 'happy birthday' to Kate, laughed a bit more and were creative all day.  Here are Anita's photos of the projects, now on display in the shop in among all the lovely paint and mixed media products:

Thanks for having me, and thanks to everyone who came along- hope to see you all again soon (well, November actually, if you're around and in the mood for a bit of Christmas themed creating!)

For the first time Matt came with me on a teaching trip (thats him peering through the window of Swanstitch in the top photo) - he stayed at our very lovely b&b in Deal while I went to teach.  We stayed at NumberOne B&B run by the lovely Nicky & Mark, who made us very welcome. I'd definitely recommend this b&b if you ever need somewhere to stay in the area - its lovely and close to the seafront, and a short walk to the high street with all its interesting shops, pubs and 'bits and pieces' to see.
Deal is a lovely relaxed town - I really enjoyed our weekend..

We drove down on Friday.. got settled at the b&B then went for a walk along the High Street..

(I love hollyhocks - so quintessentially 'English cottage garden'.. I just wish I could grow them like this in my garden!)
(worn flagstones at the information centre - how lovely is the texture!!)

.. we had a lovely meal and walked home- just as the wind changed and it got a 'little bit' stormy! (not as much as it had been in Essex the night before when we had an AMAZING storm!).

After 'work' on Saturday (too enjoyable to be called work, surely!) we walked along the seafront... a lovely relaxing way to end the day... I couldn't not take photos so here's a few:

the weather worn look of these railings on a building facing the sea caught my eye, I preferred these to the recently painted ones on the adjacent balcony - I like how it accents the detail.

We made it home on Sunday afternoon before the rain arrived, in what can only be described as torrential amounts, accompanied by thunder and lightning, so we were at home to bail out the patio and garage which were quickly ankle deep in water...  I hope you were all ok and relatively unaffected by this crazy weather we're experiencing at the moment here in the UK.... and now we have sunshine again! lol

gotta love the English summertime!


18 July 2014

Creative 'leftovers'...

... make great little projects.. simple greeting cards (of the 'less is more' variety) or, in the case of these pieces, project life/pocket journaling sized journaling/scrapbooking...

I love the colours on these panels - Dusty Teal and kraft  (sigh, lovely) and one panel washed with Chalk to age/soften it a little...
These panels were also created while I was playing around with my large flower stencils to see/show how they could fit in with smaller elements - sketching, painting, die-cuts & stamping...

The pieces became part of a larger pocket style scrapbook spread - I like the 'Project Life' style of jounaling - little and often - its achievable isn't it, and to me its a bit less daunting than a single 12x12 spread
 (the panels are in their page protector- hence the reflections!)

As always I've combined lots of my current favourite elements - such as the Chloe die (Memory Box), the Happy Days papers (Papermania), a Pogo printed photo and JOFY stamps and stencils.

I like to use the stamped and stenciled elements to create layers as in the photo below where I've cut around the petals of the stenciled flower and tucked die cuts underneath and laid other die cuts on top

On the panel below I've cut the tag away from the background and tucked the photo underneath.. helps tie everything together....

JOFY does scrapbooking... I like it!... but then I am a little biased lol


17 July 2014

Exciting times!....

.... are almost here....

only a little bit longer to wait... and while you're waiting here's a few things to look at...

Sneekpeeks of new stamps!! NEW STAMPS... and PAINT I'm really excited for you to see all the new products and I'll be demo'ing them at The Craft Barn on 02 August - I hope you can come along - it would be lovely to see you all..

& here's something to get you ready for THAT event which is only 161 days away... not that I'm counting or anything...

I love a bit of kraft card, and there's no reason it can't be used at christmas - I love the simplicity of this card.. and how it still has impact.  the images are coloured using watercolour pencils to give them shading and depth.. and I added a touch of sparkle to the bauble details - well, christmas expects sparkle!

Pop over to the PaperArtsy blog for more info.. and maybe some more pictures... just sayin'


16 July 2014

A house that JOFY built....

... or that should really read another house that JOFY built, because last Sunday I taught another house project (I like houses almost as much as I like bunting!), this time at the Craft Barn- very different from the last one - this house (or is it a shed?) has a lovely summery garden feel to it.. full of bits and pieces..

My original sample looked like this, using my JOFY Limited Edition paints (now sold out) and I loved this house but the naughty people at the manufacturers have discontinued it!!....eek...

so quick redesign and it looked like this...
I think I like this version a little bit more than the first - more layers and spaces to fill with 'stuff'... its the same but different.

The class created a row of houses:

They did a great job - there's lots of bits and pieces in there - fun project to create - I can see more of these being made for all sorts of occasions and themes...

and look - I used YELLOW!! yes I did - YELLOW!!!
Yellow is not one of my 'go to' colours - I don't wear it, don't decorated using it and I don't craft with it but this might change now because I like how this flower looks - fresh and bright, and juicy looking!
Bring on the yellows! lol

All items are available at The Craft Barn - this house would make a great christmas gift for a greenfingered friend/family member (and yes, I did just say christmas!!... just sneaking it in there! lol)


15 July 2014

BUNTING (& Cards)!!

I think I've said before how much I love bunting! and whats not to love - its a happy, pretty & decorative feature to have in the house or garden...

I thought it was about time that I taught a class creating bunting....

So that's what I'm doing at The Stamp Attic on the 27th July, as part of my weekend of workshops at this lovely shop... this makes me happy - bunting and being back at The Stamp Attic with Wendy and her lovely customers...  The bunting can be hung inside or out in the garden... 

That's what we'll be creating on the Sunday - while on Saturday 26th we'll be creating cards with a nod to the men......

I'm looking forward to the weekend - hope you can join me.  Go to the Stamp Attic website for details and to book your place.

Bunting and card making - what's not to look forward to! lol